missy yarbrough,
Sr product designer

Austin, TX or Remote/Hybrid

With over 7 years of product design experience, I love understanding people's diverse experiences and needs as they relate to the world around them, transmuting these insights into shared actionable design opportunities, and collaborating in-sync with passionate teams to make it all a delightful reality, one idea at a time.

I am looking to join a team that aims to bring people closer together (communities especially within esports and gaming), heal traumas of the past for a more hopeful future (mental wellness), or elevate skills to the next level of life (career placement or education). Your team thrives off of kind (not nice) feedback, healthy boundaries and work-life balance, and a continuous eagerness to iterate better experiences for product, process, and people.

Let's fire it up together!

Update 1/7: I've accepted a Senior UI/UX Designer position at Virtuix. Thanks for stopping by!

RapidDeploy Logo
August 2020—December 2021 / Unreleased

While I worked on improving various features of the CAD system Nimbus and also redesigned the Eclipse analytics platform, I am unable to share any images at this time due to NDA restrictions from their unreleased states.

That said, I am happy to talk through it in an interview or a design conversation. Feel free to read more for some high-level insights into the projects.

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Screenshot of IBM Cloud Docs Search homepage
Improving the Guided Search on IBM Cloud Documentation
Launched June 2019

How might a new search experience better support customers searching on the IBM Cloud platform so that we regain their trust and continuously build a better search output over time?

In-app Docs searches doubled on average from 8,000 to 16,000 weekly with a total of over 1 million searches in 2019.

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Screenshot of IBM Cloud Support Center Updates
IBM Cloud Support Center Updates
Designs handed off May 2020

The relatively small support teams are expected to address the needs of thousands and potentially millions of cloud customers. Meanwhile, users are left hanging for resolution. What are some quick wins to improve IBM Cloud Support's usability?

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Screenshot of IBM Cloud Docs Tutorials concept
IBM Cloud Docs: Tutorials
Launched August 2020

IBM Cloud users are frustrated with digesting walls of technical text in order to learn more about a product's value. How can the learning experience of understanding technical information be more engaging and immersive?

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Screenshot of IBM Cloud Docs Search homepage
IBM Cloud Docs: Imagery Guidance for Content Writers
Internal guidelines issued February 2020

Inconsistent styling and outdated files impede user trust of digesting information. How might we improve consistency across visual styling, ease the creation process, and elevate user trust of documentation information?

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Adventures Thus Far

Life isn't easy alone. It's even harder without design so let's make magical experiences come to life together!

Virtuix 🎼
Senior UI/UX Designer
Jan 2021—current
Pathrise đŸ’č
Product Design Industry Mentor
Dec 2020—current
RapidDeploy ⛑
A Very Happy Product Designer
Aug 2020—Dec 2021
Visual Designer → UX Designer
Mar 2014 → Oct 2016—June 2020

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